Wilson Transformer joins Chevron Global Supply Chain

Glen Waverley, Victoria, 9 August 2012 – Wilson Transformer Company today celebrated becoming the first Australian business to become a fully qualified global supplier to Chevron and the first associated purchase order.

To mark the occasion, WTC hosted an event at the Glen Waverley power transformer plant attended by:

  • Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Industry and Innovation,
  • Eric Dunning, Chevron Australia’s General Manager for the Wheatstone Project, and
  • Tony Hey, Bechtel’s Perth Operations Manager, together with Government, Chevron, Bechtel, ICN and AiG representatives.

The $21 million purchase order for all power and distribution transformers for use in the Chevron operated Wheatstone Project was awarded recently by Wheatstone’s Liquefied Natural Gas plant engineering, procurement and construction contractor Bechtel.

In early 2009, WTC commenced a major upgrade of its manufacturing operations to ensure its facilities were globally competitive. At the time WTC also recognised the need to expand its customer base to fully utilise the upgraded facilities. With the support of the Industry Capability Network, WTC approached Chevron in an endeavour to become a supplier initially to their Australian based projects.

Robert Wilson, WTC’s Managing Director said “The Company had a demonstrated track record in export success and innovation, and was committed to working with customers to develop the business. The qualification process was extensive with WTC teams visiting Chevron’s procurement team in Houston, and Chevron teams conducting audits and inspections of WTC’s factories and work sites.”

Mr Wilson added “As part of the process we have significantly strengthened our approach to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), through the deployment of a new HSE Management System for WTC. This is already delivering benefits for the Company.”

Robert Wilson further advised, “Due to Chevron’s rigorous global supplier qualification process, early indications are that other project developers will also now approve WTC as a potential supplier. Chevron’s commitment to provide opportunities for, and engage with, Australian suppliers is to be commended.”

About Wilson Transformer Company (WTC), the Independent Australian – WTC is the major manufacturer and service provider of power and distribution transformers, and compact substations in Australia. The Company was founded in 1933, is a privately owned family business and employs over 700 Australians including more than 80 engineers.

WTC has two globally efficient Australian facilities engaged in the design, manufacture and testing of power transformers up to 550MVA 400kV in Glen Waverley, and distribution transformers up to 5MVA 72kV in Wodonga. In addition, the Company has:

  • Service centres in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, and is establishing a service centre in Western Australia
  • A subsidiary, Dynamic Ratings, engaged in the on-line monitoring and control of transformers, rotating machines and switchgear with operations in Australia and the USA
  • A joint venture, TJ|H2b Analytical Services, with laboratories in Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines providing analysis and diagnostic services for transformers
  • Distribution transformer joint ventures in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia
  • A joint venture in Israel, developing the market for Fault Current Limiters (FCLs)
  • A sales and product support office in the United Kingdom.

These activities support the Company’s commitment to its customers including initial supply, maintenance and lifetime management.

While the major market for WTC has been Australian power utilities, export success has been achieved in New Zealand, SE Asia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Power transformers have been supplied to central London, the London Olympic Site and the Clyde windfarm in Scotland, currently the largest grid connected windfarm in Europe. In addition WTC supplies a wide range of transformers to general industry, process industries, mining and the oil and gas sector. This includes furnace and rectifier transformers to ratings above 100MVA.

WTC is committed to being a leader in the transformer field. Almost $80 million has been invested in the Glen Waverley and Wodonga facilities over the past three years. In addition, WTC has invested significant resources in:

a)  Improving existing power and distribution transformer products including package substations and associated switchgear through its excellent engineering teams

b)  Increasing the product scope of the Dynamic Ratings business

c)  New product development in:

  • Fault Current Limiters (FCLs) to address network fault levels. WTC is manufacturing a 10MVA FCL to be installed on the UK Power Network system as part of an Energy Techologies Institute (ETI) development project.
  • Quad boosters to improve load sharing in electricity networks and facilitate increased distributed generation connection with low carbon technologies. WTC is supplying a 30MVA quad booster to UK Power Networks for a UK Ofgem Low Carbon project.
  • Low Voltage Regulators with Thyristor switching to save energy by regulating to a lower acceptable voltage.

d)  Specialist field service equipment and expanding workshop facilities

e)  Organising the annual TechCon Asia Pacific conference and educational seminars.