Utec - Saudi Arabian Joint Venture

During 30 years in the Building Materials, Construction and Contracting areas, we at Al-Fozan Group came to know the electric power business well.

United Transformer Electric Company in Saudi ArabiaWe, Utec, United Transformers Electric Company, a fast growing transformers manufacturing company, established in Y2001 in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, in second industrial city.

Utec is a Saudi- Australian joint venture with a reputable Australian transformer manufacturer, WILSON, which is known as one of the world leaders in distribution and power transformers, established in 1933 and produce a comprehensive range up to 250MVA 362KV.

Utec is an ISO 9001:2000(E) plant, building the transformers according to IEC standard, tested in the most reputable local and international laboratories.

In addition to the standard rating given down below, Utec has the engineering and technical capability to produce any customs made distribution transformer as per customer’s requirement. 

In addition to transformers activity, Utec has a license agreement from F&G – Moeller, the famous German brand for switchgear manufacturer. At Utec, we produce the medium voltage modular switchgear, which is specially dedicated to transformer protection and known as RMU (Ring Main Unit), either through switch-fuse type or breaker type, using the SF6 technology.

Also, Utec has an additional business unit to produce the substation as per SEC (Saudi Electricity Company) specs, Municipalities Specs or customs made type. The substation is either consists of Transformer and LV compartment, which is known as unit substation, or consists of RMU + Transformer + LV, which is know as package substation. The rating varies from 100KVA up to 2000KVA.

For more information, please visit www.utec.co.sa.