Transformer Upgrade, Repair & Refurbishment

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY are specialists in simple or comprehensive transformer repairs or refurbishments in factory, workshop or field environments.

In almost all cases, transformer upgrades can be fully achieved in the field without the need to return a transformer to a factory or workshop.

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY has the best equipped team in Australia for site works and provides project management and leadership in transformer repairs in other locations around the world.

Simple upgrades can meet immediate needs such as load growth and can defer major capital expenditure. Increased transformer ratings can be achieved by the augmentation of cooling systems such as adding additional radiators, fans or pumps.

Comprehensive repair, rewind or augmentation can also be undertaken in our manufacturing facilities, allowing the use of vapour phase drying and full factory test facilities.

In addition to our transformer manufacturing facilities in Glen Waverley and Wodonga (VIC) we also have a dedicated Service Centre in Dandenong (VIC) for transformer repair and refurbishment. Our Australian capabilities are supported by workshops in Bassendean (WA), Northgate (QLD), Silverwater (NSW) and Cambridge (TAS).

Our team have ongoing work contracts in the utility, mining and industrial sectors.