WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY provides transformer solutions for transmission networks in Australia and around the world.  Our design and manufacturing operations are aligned to the stringent requirements of the high value strategic assets that are required to last more than 40 years.  Some of our major customers in Australia and the United Kingdom include Ausgrid, Ausnet, ElectraNet, Energex, Ergon Energy, Powerlink, UK Power Networks, Transgrid, and Western Power.

Some of our recent projects include:

•           260MVA, 220/110/11kV Auto transformers for Transend Networks in Tasmania, Australia

•           240MVA, 275/132/33kV Auto transformers for Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia

•           150MVA, 230/67.5/22.5kV Auto transformers for SP Ausnet in Victoria, Australia

•           100MVA, 330/132/11kV transformer for Powerlink Queensland, Australia

•           80/100MVA, 132/66/11kV transformers for Ergon Energy in Queensland, Australia

•           90MVA, 132/20-20kV transformers for EDF Energy in London, United Kingdom

•           60MVA, 110/11-11kV transformers for Energex in Queensland, Australia

•           50MVA, 132/11-11kV transformers for Ausgrid in New South Wales, Australia