Transformer Storage & Consignment

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY has extensive storage facilities for transformers of any size in our Dandenong Service Centre. Based on world’s best practice, we have prepared a comprehensive storage procedure that includes weekly checks and response to maintenance issues.

Transformers in short term storage (up to six months) can be stored without insulating fluid for up to six months, being protected by applying a positive pressure of zero grade dry air (dew point < -60°C).

For longer storage periods, the transformers are partially or fully assembled and vacuum filled with the required insulating fluid. Associated accessories and components are stored in a clean and dry environment.

In addition to the above, we can prepare transformers for long term storage at your storage locations and offer monitoring and maintenance services. It is very important that spare transformers are checked and maintained in the same manner as those in service to ensure that they are ready to be used when required.

We can also hold spare transformers on consignment at our workshop locations around Australia, ready to be delivered and installed by our skilled technicians at short notice. This enables you to reduce risk and cost associated with equipment failure.