Solar Power

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY provides transformer solutions for Solar power projects from kiosk transformers to substation transformeres.

MV Substations

Our design is optimised according to generation profile, feed in tariff, distribution voltage, corrosive environment and cost of capital.

Custom Design and Features:

  • A wide range of SF6 insulated switchgear with Internal Arc Control if required
  • A range of oil based sectionalising switches that provide reliable and low cost MV switching without the need for Internal Arc Control
  • A range of LV options: Fuses, circuit breakers and load break switches
  • With or without oil containment (up to 110%)
  • Marine grade alunimium or 3CR12 stainless steel cubicle
  • Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • Remote Switching Solution to improve network reliability

Substation Transformers

We are highly experienced in design and manufacturing high voltage transformers using to connect solar farm to the grid.