Wilson Transformer Company recognises that your transformer is a major investment that is designed and manufactured to last beyond 40 years. In order to reach or exceed this goal, it is very important to adopt a proactive life-management strategy.

With 80 years’ experience from design through to end-of-life management, we can offer you a holistic service for transformer condition assessment, maintenance, repair and refurbishment.

Our ability to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for transformer life management is proven within the industry and is backed by the resources of our design teams and manufacturing facilities.

WTC’s Services team of over 60 full time employees, including ten engineers, utilises in excess of $6M of specialist equipment for field service work.

The Services team focuses on a total life approach to transformer management which lowers maintenance costs, increases reliability and maximises service life.

This is achieved by utilizing comprehensive audit services to provide accurate condition assessment reports and recommendations for strategic management.

We provide systems for oxygen, moisture and temperature management and on-line monitoring that will ensure maximum asset life.

Our team have ongoing work contracts in the utility, mining and industrial sectors. We have extensive experience in working with power transformers of any make up to 500kV, including installation, maintenance and repair works.


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