Remote Switching Solution

Wilson Transformer Company - Distribution Business Unit, Intelligent Network Products Division together with LINAK® have developed a Remote Switching Solution to help you better manage your network switchgear.

The system allows you to

  • remotely control the switching operation on your equipment from your control room,
  • eliminate the risk of injury to your staff, and
  • instantly identify fault locations, helping you reduce minutes off supply.

Our Remote Switching Solution is an easy upgrade to your existing equipment, removing up front expense to nominate motorised switchgear at time of purchase. Our custom designed adaptation kits can be fitted to different types of switchgear.

A complete purpose built system, the Remote Switching Solution can be fitted to both linear and rotary actuated switches including:

  • Ring Main Units
  • Air Break Switches
  • Pole Top Gas Switches

Additional features include –

  • One system that can be used throughout the network in a variety of applications
  • Easy installation to existing and new equipment without drilling, cutting or welding
  • Modular, cost effective components that can be redeployed to new applications as required.



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