Quad Booster

Quadrature Booster (Quad Booster) or Phase Shifting Transformer (PST) is used to control the flow of real power on three phase electricity transmission networks. 

Through collaboration with UK Power Networks, Fundamentals, British Sugar plc, Wilson Transformer Company developed, manufactured and delivered the first 30MVA Quad Booster to UK Power Networks. It was installed on 33kV parallel circuits at UK Power Networks’ Wissington BSP substation to overcome an existing constraint due to sub-optimal load sharing.

The challenge for Wilson’s design team was that there were no known Quadrature Boosters or Phase Shifting Transformers being used at this rating or voltage before.

The Quad Booster was designed, manufactured and fully type tested including lightning impulse at Wilson Transformer’s Glen Waverley facility, Australia.  The commissioning was completed in July 2013 and resulted in improving utilisation of the existing lines which added over 10MW capacity headroom availability.




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