Power Transformer Plant

Wilson Transformer Company has recently completed a major upgrade and expansion of its Power Transformer factory in Glen Waverley, Victoria. The project started in 2009 with an investment of more than $65M with goals of increasing capacity and productivity, improving quality and safety, and adopting the latest technology to become a world-class power transformer manufacturer.

Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical building layout is designed for efficient material flow and safe work environment. It is in a controlled environment (cooling, heating, extraction).

Two controlled paint booths

New Submerged Arc Welding machine

Electrical Workshop

Core Cutting and Building

Core cutting and building was relocated and now includes efficient material flow, climate control, and natural lighting energy efficiency.

New Georg Cut-to-Length Line

New hydraulic Core Building table

 Winding Shop

New Insulation & Windinga area 

New back stands with tension control


New assembly platforms

New Micafil Vapour Phase

Test Laboratory

The test building is electrically isolated and shielded (Faraday Cage) with acoustic treated walls, doors and ceiling. 

Test equipment includes new Haefely Impulse Generators, AC test transformers and Loss Measuring Systems, as well as the best PD measuring systems and safety systems.