Medium Power Transformers

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY has been designing and supplying medium power transformers since the early 1960's. Our first 10MVA, 132kV power transformer was designed and manufactured in 1960. 

Design Capability

Wilson design engineers have extensive experience in designing medium power transformers with a combined experience more than 250 years. For more information about our engineering capability, click here.

Manufacturing & Test Capability

Wilson Power Transformer manufacturing plant at Glen Waverley has been substantially upgraded with an investment of $65M from 2009 to 2012. We now can manufacture transformers up to 550MVA.

The new HV test laboratory is an electrically isolated and shielding building (Faraday Cage) with acousitc treated walls and ceiling. New test equipment has been installed to increase our tesing capability.

For more information about our recent factory upgrade, click here.

Multi-Layer Technology for transformer up to 40MVA, 66kV

Wilson Transformer Company Multi Layer design and manufacture practice has undergone major improvements over the last 10 years. The installation of dedicated layer winding machines from LAE has driven totally new winding procedures. The LAE machines ensure a robust, composite LV -HV coil stack wound under the highest tension and to very close tolerance on diameters, coil heights and edge strip levels. The rider blocks at layer crossovers have eliminated scissor action. The multi-start tap coils provide good Ampere-Turn balance and have removed the ovality due to body-tapped out leads of earlier practice. 

Introduction of CTC conductor with epoxy, thicker serrated edge strips for LV , multi-start tap coils, elimination of tappedout leads from coil body, the optimum location of tapping coil within the HV radial space and reduced LV helix are some of the current design features.

The underlying driver of these changes has been the short circuit strength of multi-layer winding. The current Multi- Layer technology offers productivity benefits and is technically matched to Disc technology in the Medium power transformer range up to 40MV A, 66kV. 

For more information about our Advanced Multi-Layer Technology, please contact us.

Transportation and Installation Capability

We provide transport and off-loading of the transformer to your site. Transformer installation and pre-commissioning testing is undertaken by our high skilled teams utilising specialised processing and latest test equipment.

For more information about our installation and commissioning capability, click here.


Our experience in of medium power transformers is demonstrated through multiple and long-term period contracts with major utilities in Australia including Ausgrid, Energex, Ergon Energy, Essential Energy, Jemena, SA Power Networks and United Energy Distribution. Some of our medium power transformers include:-

  • 40MVA, 132/50kV trackside transformers for Queensland Rail, Queensland, Australia
  • 40MVA, 132/11.55kV transformers using FR3 fluid for Wheatstone LNG project, Western Australia, Australia
  • 38MVA, 66/22kV transformer for Smorgan Steel, Victoria, Australia
  • 30MVA, 132/11kV transformers for TNB, Malaysia
  • 25MVA, 66/11kV transformer for Yarwun Mines, Queensland, Australia
  • 25MVA, 33/11kV transformers for Fiji Electricity Authority, Fiji
  • 25MVA, 110/22kV transformers for Transend Networks, Tasmania, Australia
  • 18MVA, 220/55kV transformers for Transpower, New Zealand
  • 17MVA, 127/11kV Single-phase transformers for Roxburgh Hydro Power Station, New Zealand
  • 6MVA, 66/11kV transformer for Xstrata Copper Mount Isa Mines, Queensland, Australia


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