Transformer Maintenance & Spare Parts

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY can provide comprehensive maintenance services that can include regular physical inspections, diagnostic testing and monitoring services. We have in excess of $6.0M of specialist site testing and processing equipment and experience and knowledge that will ensure that world’s best practice maintenance policies and procedures are used and applied.

We maintain on and off load tap changers and can undertake major maintenance activities such as dry-outs and re-clamping of windings.

We have an extensive range of spare parts as well as parts that can be retro-fitted to manage ageing, reduce maintenance cost and extend the transformer’s life time cost. Our range of parts includes:

  • Auto-recharging dehydrating breathers
  • Transec molecular sieve moisture management system to remove moisture and maintain low moisture levels
  • Ground accessible conservator bags to isolate the transformer from the ageing effects of oxygen and moisture
  • FR3 Envirotemp ester fluid
  • Standard silica gel breathers, cartridges and replacement gel
  • Oil and winding temperature indicators
  • Pressure relief devices
  • Gaskets – pre-cut, sheet or roll
  • Fans, pumps and related controls
  • Replacement radiators, heat exchangers and header assemblies
  • Buchholz gas/surge relays and ground level receivers
  • Bushings and adaptor flanges
  • Anti-vibration pads for mounting underneath transformers
  • Fall prevention and restraint systems
  • On and off load tap changer parts
  • Control cubicles
  • Monitoring devices such as for bushing DLA & partial discharge, moisture, oil quality & DGA


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