Low Voltage Regulator

WILSON TRANSFOREMR COMPANY Low Voltage Regulator produces a 3 phase regulated output voltage from a variable 3 phase input voltage supply. The Low Voltage Regulator is an autotransformer with an automatic tap changer. The Low Voltage Regulator regulates the system output voltage across all 3 phases by automatically adjusting taps to maintain the set voltage under all load and supply conditions. The desired output voltage is set by the user between 210V/Ph-N (364V Ph-Ph) and 250V/Ph-N (433V Ph-Ph). The solid state switching provides both ultra-fast voltage correction and eliminates maintenance needs of mechanical parts.


  • Reduce power costs 5-20%
  • High reliability of supply
  • Compact & Safe
  • Status connectivity
  • Protect & increase equipment life



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