Large Power Transformers

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY has been designing and supplying large power transformers since the early 1980's. Our first 150MVA, 220kV and 75MVA, 330kV transformers were designed and manufactured in 1983. 

Design Capability

Wilson design engineers have extensive experience in designing large power transformers with a combined experience more than 250 years. For more information about our engineering capability, click here.

Manufacturing & Test Capability

Wilson Power Transformer manufacturing plant at Glen Waverley has been substantially upgraded with an investment of $65M from 2009 to 2012. We now can manufacture transformers up to 550MVA.

The new HV test laboratory is an electrically isolated and shielding building (Faraday Cage) with acousitc treated walls and ceiling. New test equipment has been installed to increase our tesing capability.

For more information about our recent factory upgrade, click here.

Transportation and Installation Capability

We provide transport and off-loading of the transformer to your site. Transformer installation and pre-commissioning testing is undertaken by our high skilled teams utilising specialised processing and latest test equipment.

For more information about our installation and commissioning capability, click here.


Our major projects of large power transformers include:-

  • 550MVA 330/132/22kV Auto Transformer
  • 260MVA 220/110/11kV Substation Transformers
  • 240MVA 275/132/33kV Auto Transformers
  • 225MVA 230/20kV Generator Transformers
  • 200MVA 288/138/19.1kV Substation Transformer
  • 200MVA 275/132kV Auto Transformer


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