WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY provides transformer solutions to many infrastructure projects including rail, water, gas, roads, and telecommunications.  Infrastructure projects demand unique design and manufacture solutions. We have the skill and experience to meet these requirements.

Some of our recent projects include:

•           150MVA, 220/22-22kV transformers for Victoria Desalination Plant Terminal Station in Victoria, Australia

•           100MVA, 132/45.47kV trackside transformers for Eurotunnel in United Kingdom

•           60MVA, 132/33/11kV transformer for the Glenfield to Leppington Rail Line in New South Wales, Australia

•           40MVA, 132/50kV Trackside transformers for QR National, Queensland, Australia

•           35MVA, 33/11kV transformers for Gold Coast Desalination Alliance in Queensland, Australia

•           12.5MVA, 33/11kV transformer for Sydney Water Desalination Plant in New South Wales, Australia

•           12.5MVA, 22/6.6kV transformer for Melbourne Water - Eastern Treatment Plant in Victoria, Australia

•           8MVA, 33/11kV transformers for Western Corridor Recycled Water project in Queensland, Australia

•           4.1MVA, 25kV/4x514V Traction transformers for Queensland Railway, Queensland, Australia

•           1.45MVA, 25kV/4x1003V Traction transformers for West Rail, Western Australia, Australia