WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY provides transformer solutions for heavy processing applications in industries such as aluminum smelters, chemical plants and steel rolling mills.  The transformer requirements for these applications are unique, requiring tailor made solutions that can be designed and manufactured seamlessly.  Some of our customers include Alcoa, Australian Paper, Bluescope Steel, Norske Skog and Tomago.

Some of our recent projects include:

•           135MVA 22/22kV Regulating Transformer for Alcoa Point Henry in Geelong, Victoria, Aus

•           158MVA 22/76kV Regulating Transformer for WTC Glen Waverley Test Facility

•           94MVA Rectifier Transformer for Tomago Aluminium in New South Wales, Australia

•           95 MVA Furnace Transformer for PT Inco, Indonesia

•           50MVA, 66/22/6.6kV transformers for Smogan Steel in Victoria, Australia

•           45MVA, 132/11-11kV transformers for Norske Skog Paper Mill in New South Wales, Australia

•           33MVA, 66/22kV transformer for Australian Paper in Victoria, Australia

•           1,000kVA Ground mounted transformer for Alcoa Portland Aluminium in Victoria, Australia

•           1,000kVA Ground mounted transformer for Boyne Smelters in Queensland, Australia