Ground Mounted Transformers

Standard and pre-engineered designs are also available for ground-mounted distribution transformers. Three pre-engineered arrangements are available, with HV and LV terminals either in the lid, at opposite ends of the tank, or on one side of the tank.

Features of Wilson ground-mounted distribution transformers include:

  • Compact design
  • Sealed construction to prevent the entry of moisture
  • Robust construction to suit transport to the most inaccessible locations
  • Fin cooling to minimise internal pressures and facilitate easy cleaning
  • Wilson’s standard proven surface treatment system of grit blasting, zinc-rich primer and polyester powder coating.

Options available, depending on the type of transformer, include:

  • Cable boxes or screens to prevent access to the terminations
  • Wheels
  • Automation 2000 DGPT protective device (gas, pressure, temperature)
  • Oil and winding temperature indicators
  • Pressure relief device
  • Over-pressure protection switch.


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