Ground Accessible Conservator Bag

    As part of our Transformer Life Cycle Management strategy, Wilson Transformer Company - Power Business Unit, Engineering and Service teams have developed the Ground Accessible Conservator Bag to achieve the benefits of a sealed transformer system and to allow easy access for regular inspection and maintenance. Conservator Oil Preservation Systems (COPS) are traditionally mounted in the conservator which means that any inspection process for the bag system requires the removal of oil and one of the conservator end-plates either whilst working at heights, or disconnecting and lowering the conservator to the ground.

    The Ground Accessible Conservator Bag benefits include:

    • Improved risk management, removing the need to work at heights
    • Ready access for regular inspection
    • Easy disconnection of the bag during vacuum and oil processing
    • Visual indication of the integrity of the preservation system using a zero centred pressure/vacuum gauge and by observation of the silica gel
    • Elimination of false alarms often encountered in monitoring devices used in conservator mounted bag systems.

    In addition, a silica gel breather is included in series with the bag to provide additional moisture protection in normal operation and to protect the conservator from moisture ingress when the bag is disconnected or if it is accidentally damaged.

    The Ground Accessible Conservator Bag can be specified for new transformers or retrofitted to existing transformers. There are also options of mounting it on the transformer, on the ground using a galvanised base or on an adjacent structure.