Furnace & Rectifier Transformers

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY has designed and manufactured furnace, rectifier and regulating transformers to support heavy industry customers including Alcoa, Pacific Aluminium and PT Inco (Indonesia) since 1980's.  Significant projects include -

  • Furnace Transformer at PT Inco, Indonesia
  • Potline Rectifier Transformers at Portland Smelter Aluminium Refinery, Victoria, Australia
  • Rectifier Transformers at Pasminco Zinc Works, Tasmania, Australia
  • Rectifier Transformers for Comalco Aluminium (Bell Bay), Tasmania, Australia
  • Rectifier Transformers for Fuji Electric Company, Japan
  • Rectifier Transformers for BHP, Westernport, Victoria, Australia
  • Rectifier Transformer for Tomago Aluminium, New South Wales, Australia


158MVA, 22/22kV Regulating transformer

Delivery of 95MVA, 33/1kV Furnace transformer


93.4MVA, 66/1.01-1.01kV Rectifier transformer

Inside 51.88MVA Rectifier transformer


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