Fault Current Limiter


Using a unique magnetic-flux alteration concept, GridON - WILSON self-triggered FCL suppresses prospective fault currents on transmission and distribution grids.

The FCL’s impedance rises instantaneously upon fault condition. It limits the fault current for its entire duration and recovers to its normal condition immediately thereafter; guaranteeing protection from consecutive faults.

The FCL enables increased transformer rating in a substation. The FCL also enables the connection of previously split bus sections in substations, improving power quality and reliability.

FCLs offer great flexibility in reducing substation fault levels to accommodate switchgear ratings. FCLs may also be used to improve load balancing between feeder transformers with different impedances and/or rated power.


  • Protects the Grid by suppressing fault currents
  • Instantaneous response to network faults
  • Immediate recovery when fault clears
  • Scalable to Extra High Voltage ratings
  • Cuts capital & operating costs of the grid
  • Prolongs useful life of network plant
  • Enables capacity increase
  • Facilitates interconnectivity & smart networks
  • Enables renewable generation connection
  • Standard transformer technology (no cryogenics or superconductors)



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