Engineering & Technical Support

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY Services specialises in providing comprehensive engineering and technical services for power transformer life management.

The Services team has over 50 full time employees including ten engineers fully supported by the resources of our design and manufacturing facilities that utilises our 80 years of transformer engineering experience.

We can provide sound engineering solutions up to 500kV that include:

  • Review of transformer ratings
  • Review of factory or site test and diagnostic data
  • Equipment upgrades and re-rating
  • Connection conversions, for example, the replacement of pitch-filled cable boxes with air type bushing adaptors
  • Design and installation of new or upgraded wiring, monitoring and control systems.
  • Supply and install on-line monitoring & diagnostic systems for improved temperature control and condition monitoring of dissolved gases, oil quality, bushings and on-load tap changers (OLTC’s.)
  • Supply and install custom designed insulation preservation (ground accessible) preservation and moisture management systems.
  • Comprehensive routine and specialised testing services utilising the best available measurement and diagnostics methodology and tools from Omicron, Doble, Megger and other world leading test equipment specialists.
  • Training in transformer maintenance and oil sampling