Engineering Capability

Electrical Design

The electrical design is completed using various software ranging from the tender optimisation program to sophisticated finite element modelling (FEM) including VIT and ANSYS.

Our design philosophy includes a rigorous process which involves the following:-

  • Electrostatic field analysis to optimise the insulation structure for various test conditions like Induced overvoltage test, Partial discharge test, Switching Impulse and Lightning Impulse tests
  • Electromagnetic field analysis to control stray magnetic fields and avoid hot-spot temperatures within windings, leads , mild steel clamps and tank structures
  • Impulse Voltage response within windings
  • Finite element analysis for mechanical stress under short circuit, oil flow and temperature distribution.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical designers complete the internal and external design of a transformer. The following design aspects are thoroughly addressed:

  • Clearances for test voltages
  • Mechanical strength for lifting
  • Short circuit strength
  • Transport and earthquake conditions
  • Vacuum and pressure withstand
  • Transport and site mass
  • Dimension constraints and
  • Customer fitting requirements

3D solid modelling, FEM structural/thermal analysis of critical components and other linked programs are used to complete the mechanical design including ANSYS (Mechanical CFD electromagnetic) and PTC CREO ProE software.

Control Design

Specifically trained control engineers with experience in the multitude of Australian vector and voltage requirements.

E3 Panel – For the complete design of control panels, including layouts and wiring.

  • AS/IEC representation of Drawings bringing it in line with Intl. drawings for uniform readability
  • Error free output with More information in the drawings
  • On line cross references of contacts/devices (full configuration shown)
  • Lesser Cycle time, so quick turn-around of Control drawings
  • Automatic generation of outputs like BOM, Label List, Conduit list, Wiring list, Wire markers list, Devices list etc.
  • Panel layout preparation is simplified with E3 Panel module. All unplaced items are highlighted.
  • Outputs to ACAD2000 Drawing format