Transformer End-of-Life Management

CIGRE document 12.09, Thermal Aspects of Transformers states that the end of a transformer’s life can be based on strategic, economic or technical considerations.

Strategic end of life consider the transformer’s capacity to meet system requirements such as load, short circuit capability, changes in service voltage and risk.

Economic considerations that can influence end of life decision include the cost of losses, maintenance costs and the cost & availability of spare parts. Technical end of life is usually determined when the transformer has experienced a fault of some description or is at immediate risk of experiencing a fault condition and the cost of repair is uneconomical.

As specialists in transformer life management, WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY can assist you to objectively determine the most efficient and economic options such as repair or replace and scrap. Our accreditation to ISO14001, Environmental Management Systems will ensure that our advice considers the environmental aspects of recycling and disposal.