Compact Substations (Pad Mounted and Kiosk)

Compact substations are widely used in areas where underground power reticulation is required, such as in residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Compact substations fully enclose a transformer and HV and LV connections or switchgear, and are shipped to site fully assembled. A compact substation is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Many standard and pre-engineered compact substation arrangements are available. All styles are fully rated in their enclosures, which are:

  • In line kiosk (HV, transformer, LV) with oil containment
  • In line kiosk (HV, transformer, LV) without oil containment
  • Pad mounted style (HV and LV on one side of transformer) without oil containment.

Enclosures vary depending on the application, but are made from mild steel, Galvabond, marine grade aluminium, stainless steel or fibre glass. Stainless steel and fibre glass are recommended to avoid corrosion and early maintenance costs. The base arrangement varies depending on the application and whether oil containment is required. Many HV and LV connection and switchgear arrangements are available and include:

  • HV direct or loop connected with and without fusing on the transformer
  • various types of air, oil and SF6 HV switchgear configurations
  • LV direct connect
  • fused LV boards with transformer isolators and DIN or BS fusing
  • circuit breakers and/or or isolator boards for heavier current applications.


  • Naphthenic mineral oil or high fire point environmental fluid
  • Marine grade aluminium or 3CR12 stainless steel cubicle
  • Hot dip galvanised mild steel or concrete base, fluid containment available up to 110%


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