We design, manufacture, test at factory and on site, deliver, install and pre-commissioning test and service a wide range of transformers from 16kVA to 550MVA, 400kV. Our transformer products includes:

  • High Voltage >36kV
    • Large Power transformers
    • Medium Power transformers
    • Double Wound transformers
    • Auto transformers
  • Medium Voltage ≤36kV
    • Small Power transformers
    • Pole mounted transformers
    • Ground mounted transformers
    • Compact substations (Pad mounted and Kiosk)
  • Ester Fluid-filled transformers
  • Traction & Trackside transformers
  • Furnace & Rectifier transformers
  • Special applications

Network Improvement Products

Through collaboration with international companies and our own engineering development team, Wilson Transformer Company has developed new products to help electricity network improve its quality and operation. Our Network Improvement Products range include

  • Fault Current Limiter
  • Low Voltage Regulator
  • Quad Booster
  • Remote Switching Solution

Monitoring Control & Solutions

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Dynamic Ratings, we provide monitoring, control and communication solutions for transformers and other electrical power apparatus.