Transformer Audit & Assessment

Understanding the condition of your equipment is essential for strategic planning and efficient asset utilisation.

WILSON TRANSFORMER COMPANY audit and condition assessment services have been widely used in many parts of the world in all sectors of power and distribution transformer application.

As with any condition assessment, a range of observations and testing is required to understand a transformer’s condition and to then form a strategic plan for ongoing management.

The key objective of our auditing and condition assessment process is to assist you to strategically manage your transformer population to attain an average of 40 plus years of service life. To achieve this we can:

  • Recommend immediate actions that can be taken to keep healthy transformers in good service condition.
  • Assist to develop an effective and efficient condition monitoring, operation and maintenance regime specifically designed for your transformer management.
  • Review existing condition assessment information of your transformer population and recommend any further assessment that we consider is warranted.
  • Determine how the condition of each transformer affects its rating and use, i.e. identify the capability for future service considering reliability, full load or overload for each transformer.
  • Propose a future plan for each transformer that would incorporate immediate action required, including: life-management initiatives, ongoing condition monitoring, refurbishment, maintenance, replacement or reassignment.
  • Identify what other issues need to be addressed to meet the key objective, e.g. use of monitoring devices, transformer management systems, non-invasive diagnostic regime etc.
  • Define the factors that will determine how each transformer should be used. Such factors may include:
    • Real age in terms of insulation life versus nameplate age.
    • Condition and/or rating of bushings, winding leads, OLTC’s and other in-line components
    • Condition of ancillary equipment such as fans, controls etc.
  • Forecast a maintenance or refurbishment strategy for the next two to five years and beyond for planning purposes.