Distribution Transformer Plant

The Distrbution Transformer plant in Wodonga, Victoria produces a full range of medium voltage transformers across two sites with total floor area of 13,500m2. Being located on the Hume Freeway allows for same day delivery by road to Australia’s largest population centres and ports. The facilities are world class with processes that are based on lean manufacturing principles.

The Wodonga plant was extensively upgraded in 2012 and now incorporates one-direction external transport around the site, and extensive storage capability for finished products. We can now:

  • Provide extensive storage for stock transformers
  • Use our ERP/MRPII systems and forecasting from customers to replenish stock at short notice
  • Provide reliable on time deliveries of products to our customers.

Plant and Equipment

Wilson Transformer Company has made a significant investment in the latest plant and equipment to improve product performance and reliability. These include

  • Winding machines that use layered insulation, dynamic tension control and conductor flattening to optimise the size of our windings.
  • High speed German cut-to-length line including automatic stacking of high grade electrical steel.
  • Sheet winding machines for precision manufacture using both Aluminium and Cu sheets and foil.
  • Four computer controlled drying systems that use power at low frequencies under vacuum to optimise the dryness of our windings and insulation.
  • A computer controlled system that uses DC energy, pressure and thermally sensitive epoxy resin to ensure that our windings are fully cured to maximize their performance under short circuits and heavy loads.
  • A computer controlled autoclave that uses convection heating and vacuum to ensure that our larger coils are Dry.
  • Three state of the art Electrical test facilities that confirm the performance of our products before they are delivered to our customers.
  • An Alfa Laval oil treatment plant that filters, de-gasses and removes moisture in oil to a level less than 5ppm.
  • A clean room environment where we assemble our MV and LV switchgear.
  • Two high definition computer controlled plasma cutting machines that can process mild steel up to 12mm in thickness.
  • Two 20T brake presses to provide precision folding of our tank material.